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Talent Concept
.Talent Concept

Talent is the first capital of a golden idea. We adhere to the "people-oriented" management of employees, advocate team spirit, and strive to create a harmonious and positive working atmosphere and environment, so as to attract excellent technical, management and marketing talents to join. We will reuse talents who have a high degree of professionalism, responsibility, mission and identity, and are willing to share the honor and disgrace with the enterprise and help each other in the same boat. In the process of human resource development, we insist on creating a fair, just, and open atmosphere, and establish a training mechanism to give full play to personal potential, so as to provide everyone with development space to fully realize their self-worth. In Jindianzi Textile, whether you are an ordinary worker or an ordinary technician, and no matter what position you are in, as long as you have real talents and learn real skills, you may become a talent to be reused by the company-"The stage is as big as the ability." . The most important factor why we are able to develop to today's scale is: Golden Ideas consistently regard talents as the foundation of enterprise development, and will always give talents a broad sky to spread their wings and soar.
       In order to implement the company's talent strategy thinking, the company will uphold the following principles, improve the company's various rules and regulations, standardize the code of conduct of employees, in order to improve work efficiency:

1. Implement a scientific incentive assessment system. On the one hand, the general principle of determining posts and staffing is that under the premise of the company’s approved total wages, each unit will make corresponding post increase/decrease and salary arrangements based on the adjustment of functions. On the other hand, formulate scientific, detailed, and actionable evaluation methods. Up to company leaders, down to ordinary employees, are placed at the center of the assessment.

2. All positions are open to employees, and employees compete for posts;

3. Implement comprehensive target cost management with clear rewards and penalties;

4. Set up a special reward fund, and give heavy rewards to those who have made outstanding contributions every year;

5. Create learning conditions for employees, provide training opportunities, and encourage employees to make progress;

6. Implement a hierarchical authorization management method, so that the responsibilities, powers, and benefits of management personnel at all levels are more closely integrated.


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